RICHMOND, VA (March 23, 2021) – The ECNL is excited to announce a new partnership for all clubs and teams in the league, naming Impact Canopy as the league’s official On-Field Branding, Tent, Signage, Flag, and Fencing Partner. The two organizations have teamed up to create an exclusive portal to purchase authorized ECNL and ECNL Regional League co-branded products at deeply-discounted prices.

“We are thrilled to partner with Impact Canopy to bring our clubs the best products on the market at the best possible prices,” said Christian Lavers, ECNL President. “Impact Canopy has been a leader in their industry for more than 10 years. Our league needs high-quality products with reliable, exemplary customer service, which we have received in spades. This partnership reflects our trust in Impact, and provides our clubs the opportunity to get the same quality products at great prices.”  

Impact Canopy is a leader in the event branding industry with decades of experience in the manufacturing and distribution of high-quality, American-made custom branded canopies, domes, flags, banners, signage, inflatables, and much more. Each product is designed with durability, efficiency, and portability in mind. It is the commitment of Impact Canopy to provide exceptional products with extraordinary value. 

“After years of collaboration, we are excited to finally make our partnership official,” said Mike Ohirko, Impact Canopy President. “The ECNL is a first-class organization which holds similar values to that of Impact. Impact Canopy maintains a commitment to support entities that affect others in a positive way. We welcome the chance to participate in the encouragement of young athletes to continue pursuing their goals of playing soccer at the highest level possible. At Impact Canopy, we are devoted to offering a complete line of domestically-made custom field and event branding products, which are affordable without sacrificing quality. Together, we will work to further the objective of growing organized soccer across the country.”

Instructions for how to purchase these fantastic products at exclusive prices will be communicated to all ECNL and ECNL Regional League clubs. 


About Impact Canopy:

Impact Canopy is the No. 1 Field and Event Branding Company in North America with a long-standing love for athletics. Impact’s branding solutions surpass other manufacturers in terms of quality, convenience, and customer service. Only Impact Canopy offers the complete service you need when it comes to custom products. Offering not only quality, but possessing a level of expertise and dedication to service that blows the competition out of the water.

Impact Canopy’s goal is to turn your vision into a reality by providing high-quality products at affordable prices, with innovative and creative solutions, all combined with superior customer support.

About the ECNL:

The ECNL is the nation’s leading youth soccer development platform. The ECNL respects and celebrates the unique individuality of every youth soccer player and club, supporting and enabling them to unleash their unfettered passion and fierce tenacity in striving to achieve their potential. 

The ECNL mission to Raise the Game is a total commitment to create the best possible environment for players, coaches, referees and administrators, with a determination to constantly question convention and challenge the status quo in youth sports.

The ECNL Commitment:

We will lead, set our eyes on new horizons, and pursue them relentlessly. Born out of the belief in a better way. Continued in the ever-evolving pursuit of excellence. 

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